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I’m Dennis Gatz, a self taught photographer and graphic designer from Pennsylvania, USA. I’m very honored to be featured here with such a talented roster of photographers. Thank you.

I picked up my first camera in 2010 after some encouragement from someone very close to me. It was a Nikon L110 Coolpix. I became instantly obsessed with photography and would photograph anything and anyone within range. I started using Corel Paintshop a year later and the possibilities just opened up. Shortly afterwards, I invested in my first DSRL, a Nikon D3100 (or as I call her, Toto), which I still use to date. I graduated to Adobe Photoshop last year and it just blew my mind. I have never been good at expressing myself but photography (and digital manipulation) became an amazing outlet to show the stuff I think, feel and experience.

The process of my work starts with a concept. In this case, Singularity. This is followed by a simple sketch of a scene within that concept. I make mental notes of stuff like lighting, mood, make-up and wardrobe etc.

Pursuit of Singularity - sketch

I’ll then present the idea to the prospective model and if she likes it, we go ahead with the shoot.

angel 024

In post production, after working on the models image (clearing blemishes, color and lighting correction, etc) I will paste the model’s image onto the sketch and start building around her. In most cases, the details change. This stage takes a minimum of one week and could go on for months. There’s usually a sense of catharsis once an image is complete. It feels like I have unloaded a huge weight off my soul but I’m also anxious to see the model’s reaction.

model: Angel Sage

model: Angel Sage

Photography has been a great journey filled with amazing moments and people. I can only pray and hope that the future will hold more amazing experiences.

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3 thoughts on “Dennis Gatz | Be Creative with Strong Concepts

  1. first of all, i would like to thank to Dennis for his wonderful support… in everything 🙂
    i always jealous wid his sketching talent… he always do the neat things on each his pictures…
    wish you all the best, dear Dennis….

    p.s: dear Lord,
    you made special slideshow for us… so stylist… thanks!

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