The Duo | To die for…

Last day, i made a small interview with Anna Veselova about her relationship with her sister, 10catz.

HoB: “Anna, just a quick question, i really adore your relationship with your sister. I think it’s a pretty role model to us that even time passing by… but the relationship between sisterhood never ever change. I saw it in your pictures. So what was your idea behind those pictures?”

Anna: “Idea? I believe we just were ourselves. There was nobody behind the camera, only tripod and the remote control. These were the moments we felt we could go totally crazy!”

HoB: “And how about the Socrat? i love your cute doggie anyway!”

Anna: “The one with Socrat dog was taken in a dressing room. It’s always fun for any girl to try on new dresses and we made a series of the shots called “things you wanted to know about the dressing rooms, but were afraid to ask”. This photo was one of many with a dog who thought he was the lucky one. I’m not quite sure if Socrat was really in trouble or just simulating.”

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