Anna Veselova | Behind the Stories of Impossible Princess

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Prelude to Anna Veselova

In my eyes, she is a beautiful, charming, playful person. She’s definitely has her own style and a unique touch as a statement in all of her images. No wonder everyone adore and waiting her posts every single day… Because she always offering something new in every posts…

Its an honoured for me having the one and only… Anna Veselova. And thank you for saying yes, writing and sharing for House of Bokeh. I’m so happy that you let me pick the picture featuring this article.


My name is Anna Veselova. Native Russian, I moved to USA couple years ago and started self-photography as a relief. I was involved in photography all my life, but never was focused on faces that much.

The experience that I’ve got from shooting little scenes (sometimes involving my dog) taught me that photography can be my own theatre where I can be the director and sometimes the lead actor, also I learned a lot about patience, importance of natural light, and of course I became the best friend with my camera.

Once I started working with faces I soon found out that it’s impossible to stop. I think that human emotions (even your own) is the main inspiration and the strongest drive for a photographer, something that you never will be tired of. I add in my photography scenes from the movies, magazines, books, I love to use my imagination and to make people smile. When I work with somebody else it’s always a game and a lot of fun for us.

Post-processing is also a huge part of my work. It takes up to 2 hours to make the series of photos and about 3-5 hours to choose “the only one” and find the right combination of adjustments. I process photos using Aperture and Lightroom, sometimes it’s Photoshop. Processing is very individual for each photograph, it’s always a dance with shades, lights and curves. I create lots of presets for every shooting, but rarely use them twice.

I had my first exhibition in May in Houston, TX. I was very nervous and in the same time excited. People were asking me about the details and the stories of the photos. And it was a totally different feeling to show my work to an audience not posted on Flickr, but printed and on the wall.

Now I’m the official photographer of Houston Cinema Arts Festival. I was taking photographs of Ethan Hawke, Christy Turlington, Robert Redford, many other amazing artists, actors and directors. And that is the greatest experience I ever had in my life. All guests of the festival are professionals and when I work with them I keep on learning and improving.



5 thoughts on “Anna Veselova | Behind the Stories of Impossible Princess

  1. I have a li’l question that it always bugging in my mind…
    do you have any tricks how to make a good selfie, Anna?
    (everyone know that you are so good on that!)
    because i always taking picture of someone… but i never have a good picture of myself 😀

    • Thank you! I think the main tricks are: trust your camera (bad photos can always be deleted, right?), make a story and become a character. There are a lot of great artists who share their ideas, you can learn from them too. Don’t be afraid to start and improvise.

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