Inna Dee | Playing with Silhouette

Last year, i went to a beach with my sister. I live in Bandung, Indonesia.
Bandung’s topography is just a giant bowl surrounded by the mountains. So it’s hard for me to find a beach near my town.
I choosed Pangandaran beach. Pangandaran is a town and district of Pangandaran Regency within the province of West Java, Indonesia. It is located on the southern coast of the island of Java. Pangandaran is a popular tourist destination based around its well-known surfing beach.
After i reached the beach i made few strategies, because beside i want to play water, i want to make pretty pictures too! Such as a silhouette picture.

That picture i’m talking about. We dont need photoshop to do this.
Just follow this strategies…

  1. I brought wide lens, 45-200mm lens and 85mm. But then i decided to use 45-200mm lens, because i want to capture the surfers after play in the water like that. If i use wide lens, the people over there wont be captured pretty clear aka too small.
  2. Choose a Strong Subject. In this case i grabbed the surfers
  3. Turn off my Flash. Because if i use automatic mode on my camera… automatically my flash wants to accompany too, and it will destroy my idea.
  4. Get the right light. The perfect light for this is placing my subject in front of a sunset or sunrise – but really any bright light will be able to do the trick.
  5. Frame my picture, in this case my subject in front of a nice plain, but bright background.
  6. I made silhouetted shapes distinct and uncluttered, so my viewers wont be confused about what the shape is.

Ok, thats all from me… my trip to a wonderful beach. I bet if you are a surfer, you will pretty happy with the waves on the beach.
Too bad, i cant swim too good, after i had drown experience in my childhood 🙂
but gladly… i have no trauma making pictures…

~Have a happy reading, dear all~


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