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Long before i saw Matt’s works, i read an article on National Geographic Magazine and there was a photographer who did make pictures of cowboys using tintype photograph.

When i started entering The One Strobe Pony’s world, strobing with a single flash, i saw this great guy’s works.
In his portraiture’s works i see a cute similarity. And since that moment i never stop looking his works and become his big fans!
So now, its an honoured to me, having Matt Loughrey on our blog, today.
Thanks for sharing your fabulous works, i think yours is very inspiring. For me personally, i always love cowboy’s world… Marlboro ad was my first love at the first sight, even i’m not a smoker, and horse was the first beautiful creature i’ve ever seen in my grandpa’s painting.


My name is Matt Loughrey, I am the photographer behind Way Out West. I am resident on the West coast of Ireland.

Most of my life I found my creative release through composing electronic music and playing piano. Somehow I stumbled upon photography and it changed my perceptions.
My take on creativity is to capture and relay, the sense of self and scenery that is abundant in the West of Ireland. Much of this is through portfolio alone, yet from July 2011, Way Out West began to gain recognition throughout Ireland and the Irish American community. A work plan was developed to suit the increase in requests for project assignments. I was connected to landscape photography as a source for quite some time, but always have been fascinated with people. I began strobing in 2012, as a solution to limited lighting conditions, especially where spontaneous portraiture was concerned. The people I photograph and the fans I have gathered really enjoy it.

I use a Nikon camera and a handheld strobe for pretty much all of my portraiture. All shots are taken at 1/200. Occasionally I opt to diffuse the light but I enjoy the harsh contrasts that simple strobing brings.


3 thoughts on “Matt Loughrey | Way Out West

  1. yes, Matt…
    i have an idea that putting strobe into our photography is a good sollution too…
    we can make a bright sunny day into a cute morning light/afternoon light mood…
    in my country some people say, using flash is in a high level position in photography…
    what do you think bout that?

    • Flash photography isn’t something that is easy to grasp. It took me many weeks to finally find a working method. There are probably 5 or 6 different factors when strobing a scene that you must account for. Available light, strobe power, diffusion, angle, aperture and bounce. Sometimes it’s too much to think about! Like anything in life, a bit of practice and a few good mistakes, make it easier.

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