Olga Tremblay | The Beauty in Making

I am Olga Tremblay from Montreal, Canada.

I learned photography and processing mostly by myself with a lot of patience and passion. I love a lot of types of photography: portraits, candids, nature, landscape, street and urban.

I only use natural light, I always shoot raw images and most of the time I use prime lens, because I dislike to bring heavy gear with me and I love how they can bring shallow depth of field.

To take these selfportraits with a twist, all you need is a tripod, a remote, and a lot of patience.

I usually set the camera with a speed between 1/30and 1 minute. I take several shots on myself in movement and I choose the best ones to process.

In Photoshop, I slightly increase the contrasts and the blacks to maximize the movement effect.

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more about her works, you can find inΒ HERE


7 thoughts on “Olga Tremblay | The Beauty in Making

  1. i remember last time you put the article on previous blog of “House of Bokeh” last years…
    i’m impressed with the progress of your works… kudos, dear Olga…
    personally i learn lots from you.
    Thanks for being everything πŸ™‚

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