Peter Levi | a Fine Art and Street Photography Artist

You wondered what my favourite picture was, well, it´s really hard to say.
But I like” Essence of venice” and “She came down the hill” alot.

Essence of venice

The Venice shot was imagined for a long time before I went there. It was taken with my canon 5D mkII and the 17-40 lens at 24mm.
I had forgotten my tripod and bought a cheap, wobbly tripod of a street salesman to be able to take the shot.

She Came Down From The Hill

She Came Down From The Hill

She came down the hill” is really a street snap. I was walking the city cemetary and saw this woman walk up the hill. I thought that it would look fantastic as she came down. I crouched down and waited for her to walk back and I took the shot. . It was taken with the same equipment but at 40mm. When she came close to me she appologized for ruining the shot, and I told her, “You were the shot” 🙂
I showed her the picture, gave her my flickr adress, but I never heard from her again. She was a Russian tourist. And if I zoom in at 100% on my computer, I can see her face crystal clear.

More information about Peter Levi, you can find in here…


6 thoughts on “Peter Levi | a Fine Art and Street Photography Artist

  1. Beautiful and very educational shots. Sounds poignant that that you can see her face but never heard from her again, a memory which refuses to go.

  2. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures with us.
    I think its pretty important to us (especially for a street shooter) to know the basic needed shooting a subject on the street. I love the way you process all your pictures as well… pretty long exposure, pretty contrast, shadow. It’s really your signature!

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